1. Vector V Raster

Vector files – Line Images

Advantages: Ideal for logo’s and line drawings. Always has sharp edges and is scalable to any size. Colours are easy to edit. (PMS or CMYK) and it is the industry standard artwork format (.eps or .ai)
Disadvantages: No photo realistic results.

Adobe Illustrator
 files are made up of a series of shapes, lines and text. They can be scaled up or down with no loss of quality. This is the preferred format for most screen printing. Common vector file extensions: *.ai * .eps.

If your artwork is an illustration with solid colours (Vector Image) Please save this type of file as an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file.

Raster files – Tone images
Advantages: Photo realistic results.
Disadvantages: Not suitable for logos due to pixelated edges, problems with scaling and art prep for decorating.

Adobe Photoshop
 files are made up of series of dots (pixels) When they are scaled up the quality is reduced as the edges can become blurry (Pixelated) Common raster file extensions ; *  .psd * .jpg * .tiff * .png * .jpeg * .pict *

If jpeg images are supplied for transfers, we require them to be supplied at actual size and with the resolution at 300 Dots Per Inch (dpi). We do not accept low resolution images, such as images from the internet as they will produce low quality print results.

The widely accepted resolution for screen printing artwork and production of digital transfers is 300dpi. Images at lower resolutions can be printed, but that can produce low quality results.

If your artwork is a photo / half-tone image (Raster Image) please save this type of file as a photoshop (psd) file. At minimum 300 dpi.

Vector graphics and Bitmap source images can also be combined in screen printing and output as an illustrator eps file. We can also turn Bitmap images into Vector graphics for screen print and transfers.

Additional Notes:

Please leave all artwork in layers with all fonts and text converted to outlines. If you are unsure how to do this please contact us and we will send you a PDF with instructions.

Where specific colours need to be matched, please supply PMS (Pantone Matching System) references where possible. If required. Please contact us and we will send a PDF of a PMS Colour Chart.

PDF documents can be supplied as a mock-up / colour visual guide only. But please include original files when sending your artwork.

Please supply all artwork files at the actual size of the print ready for final colour separation.

If you are unsure in how to prepare your artwork, please contact us and we will help you.

We can also help you re-draw your vector artwork. Or convert from a bitmap graphic to a vector graphic for a nominal fee. Please inquire for details.

2. Submitting Artwork To Us For Screen Print

Recommended software packages we use for both PC and Mac:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 or earlier (*psd) – Raster Graphic.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 or earlier (*ai. *eps) – Vector Graphic.

3. Submitting Artwork to Us For Digital Transfers

We Accept: AI. EPS. PDF. PSD. JPEG. PDF. TIFF. GIF. PNG Files. Minimum 300 DPI (Resolution) Artwork is to be supplied at actual size.
What we need to know: Quantity / Size / Position Guide and any other special instructions.

4. Submitting Artwork For Embroidery

Artwork is to be supplied at actual size and in vector format. Price based on number of stitches NOT number of colours. please submit artwork for an accurate quote. Please note we do not offer embroidery on BYO t-shirts and other garments. 

Where specific colours need to be matched, please supply PMS (Pantone Matching System) references where possible. If required. Please contact us and we will send a PDF of a PMS Colour Chart.

For any other inquiries, please contact us for further information.

5. Digital Transfers

Full Colour Transfers for T-Shirts Price List – Based on Premium Gildan 100% Cotton Ultra White T-Shirt. Printed front only.

Advantages – Photo Quality – No Minimum Quantities – No Set Up Charges. – Colourfast – Durable.

Digital Transfer are print and cut technology. Files are printed onto textile media and then contour cut before being applied to t-shirts and other garments both light and dark t-shirts with a heat press.

Designs can be logo’s from schools, companies, clubs or you can create your own. We  offer you a fast turnaround and 100% quality guarantee. Superior soft hand feel and  vibrant colours.

Price includes t-shirt and all set up costs. But excludes GST.

Up to 10 Tees $20.00

Up to 20 Tees $17.50

20 + POA

Max Print Area 270mm x 470mm

Personal photo’s can be printed for:

  • Birthday’s
  • Hen / Buck nights
  • Anniversaries
  • 21sts
  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • For all special occasions.

6. Vinyl Cut Graphics – Custom Cut Lettering / Designs

Can be applied to a wide variety of t-shirts and materials inc ;  Cotton  /  Poly Cotton  /  Polyester  /  Lycra  /  Spandex  /  Linen  / 
Please contact us for further information.

7. Price Lists

Example of t-shirt cost – 

100 T-Shirts printed1 colour on the front –  Based on Premium Gildan 100% Cotton Ultra White T-Shirt.  

Printing Costs –

Artwork – $30.00
Film – $20.00
Screen – $40.00
Printing –$2.25 x 100$225
Total $315.00
  i.e $3.15 per shirt
Cost of T-shirt —$4.20
Total per shirt —$7.35

Price includes all origination and set up costs.  But excludes GST .

For all other inquiries,including our full rangof garment and decoration costs. 
Please see our Suppliers Page Or email or phone us for a quotation.

8. Turnaround Time

1 week from approval of sample. Deadlines will be accommodated wherever possible.

9. Terms and Conditions of Trading & Returns Policy

Click Here to download our Terms and Conditions of Trading & Returns Policy